Spotlight Co-star Neal Huff: Why Didn’t the Church Treat Abusers as Criminals?

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The film Spotlight was nominated for three Golden Globe awards, including Best Motion Picture—Drama. The riveting film unveils the true story of the fiercely intrepid Spotlight team of Boston Globe reporters and editors who exposed a massive cover-up of child abuse by more than 245 Catholic clergy.

The film stars a dream team cast including Michael Keaton, Liev Schreiber, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, John Slattery, Brian d’Arcy James, Stanley Tucci, Billy Crudup and Neal Huff. Huff plays Phil Saviano, a key figure in the film who was abused by a priest when he was 11 and came forward to the Boston Globe.

Huff, who was a series regular on The Wire as Chief of Staff Michael Steintorf and is currently in the film Nasty Baby with Kristen Wiig, took time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions about Spotlight.

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