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2002 | Priests’ Victims Feel Great Sense of Betrayal

In Print Media by PhilSaviano

February 2002 | ASSOCIATED PRESS – ” Some spiral into suicide or lonely despair; others become articulate crusaders for change, supported by loving families. The common bond, for victims of sexual abuse by clergymen: a piercing sense of betrayal. “There is an element that hits your soul, and you think it was God who treated you that way,” said Cindy Desrosiers, who successfully sued a priest for molesting her as a little girl .”

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1997 | Thou Shalt Not . . . But Some Priests Did, and the Church Didn’t Want to Know

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September 1997 |WORCESTER MAGAZINE — Phil Saviano, like so many of the other victims, was just a kid when his East Douglas parish priest sexually assaulted him. The Rev. David Holley, who is now an old man and a convicted pedophile doing time in a New Mexico prison, but a wide swath through many different parishes — here and in three other states.