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2019 | As Clergy Abuse Summit Begins, Survivors Say Vatican Must Act

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THE BOSTON GLOBE, Boston,MA | February 21, 2019
By Mark Arsenault, Globe Staff – On the eve of an unprecedented Catholic Church conference on clergy sexual abuse, a dozen survivors from around the world urged greater transparency and zero tolerance for abusive priests in a frank, two-hour meeting with Vatican officials Wednesday, saying the scandal has left worshipers angry and betrayed and looking for the church to take action.

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2015 | A Heroic Whistleblower in the Long, Sad Mess of Clergy Sexual Abuse

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October 28, 2015 | CRUX – Remember the famous line in “Jaws” when Chief Brody first sees the monster shark and says, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”? Phil Saviano remembers a similar line when he first told Boston Globe reporters there weren’t just one or two priests molesting a handful of children. Saviano knew of nearly 30 priests, if not more, with dozens of victims.

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2009 | Kidney Transplant Links Two Clergy Abuse Survivors

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August 26, 2009 | PIONEER PRESS – Phil Saviano spent years fighting for the victims of clergy abuse, an effort spurred by his own bitter experience at the hands of a priest. Later, with Saviano’s health slipping after a long battle with AIDS, he turned for support – and a new kidney – to the very network he helped nurture. No fewer than seven clergy abuse victims answered Saviano’s appeal.