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2019 | As Clergy Abuse Summit Begins, Survivors Say Vatican Must Act

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THE BOSTON GLOBE, Boston,MA | February 21, 2019
By Mark Arsenault, Globe Staff – On the eve of an unprecedented Catholic Church conference on clergy sexual abuse, a dozen survivors from around the world urged greater transparency and zero tolerance for abusive priests in a frank, two-hour meeting with Vatican officials Wednesday, saying the scandal has left worshipers angry and betrayed and looking for the church to take action.

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Phil Saviano Shines “Spotlight” on Clergy Abuse Epidemic

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Feb. 16, 2016 | BCGAVEL.COM — It was the winter of 1993, and Phil Saviano was scouring microfilm in Boston College’s O’Neill Library, feeding reel after reel into the reader, copying and printing articles that would prove especially useful in his investigation. BC’s extensive collection of Catholic publications and its copies of the Catholic directories proved to be revealing, both for Saviano’s research and later, for the investigations of The Boston Globe’s ‘Spotlight’ team.

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2015 | A Heroic Whistleblower in the Long, Sad Mess of Clergy Sexual Abuse

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October 28, 2015 | CRUX – Remember the famous line in “Jaws” when Chief Brody first sees the monster shark and says, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”? Phil Saviano remembers a similar line when he first told Boston Globe reporters there weren’t just one or two priests molesting a handful of children. Saviano knew of nearly 30 priests, if not more, with dozens of victims.