2002 | Boston TV Discussion About Church Abuse Policies And Warnings Given to Cardinal Law

In TV News by PhilSaviano

April 2002 | New England Cable News

This episode of NECN’s “Newsnight,” hosted by NECN anchors Chet Curtis and Margie Reedy, begins with an intro about new documents uncovered in the Fr. Paul Shanley case. Then SNAP’s Phil Saviano and child psychologist Carolyn Newberger discuss the concept of a “zero tolerance” policy towards priest abusers. Next up, at the 8:00 minute mark, is a discussion on church officials’ reliance on advice from psychiatrists. Of important note, starting at the 11:45 minute mark, is Ms. Newberger’s remarks about a May 19993 meeting with Cardinal Law, two bishops and other Boston Archdiocese officials, when she and two other psychiatrists laid out detailed warnings to the Cardinal’s team about the pathology and the serious consequences of child sexual abuse, and the importance of reporting these cases to civil authorities. After the meeting, and her offer of further assistance, she never heard from the Cardinal again.

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